I can’t wait to shed some light.

This will mostly consist of my ranting, because that’s the only action that comes to mind when *ehem* comes to mind. I really don’t think I’ve met someone in my lifetime who makes me so angry.

Honestly, you’re not a “nice girl” nor a “mean girl.” So what are you then? You’re just you. That’s an insult in itself!

Maybe I just have a small spectrum for annoyance levels and you’re breaking the spectrum every second of the day. Maybe you’re just a spoiled brat who needs to be curb stomped. Maybe it’s me? Well according to your standards, that’s exactly what it is.

Things that annoy me about you:

-You make obnoxious noises throughout the day, even in your sleep.

        You constantly clear your throat (although I’m sure you can’t help that, it’s still annoying and disgusting).

        You say “mmmmm” and “ohhhh” (self freaking explanatory)

        the lip smacking…. that’s gotta stop

-You make weird faces when you’re serious and talking to someone. Sorry sweetie, but the scrunched up face isn’t cute.

-You’re perverted, yet try to remain innocent. F-A-K-E. If you’re perverted, OWN IT. Don’t go back and forth and play innocent sheltered child then ask if I am “wet.” FREAK.

-You claim to be “so poor,” yet your house is bigger than any house I’ve ever seen, you live on the water(expensive in itself), and own like 50 zillion jet skies and crap. Don’t pull that card with me!

-I can’t stand when you blame everything on you “not feeling well” or “you’re too tired.” Take a tums, suck it up, and live your life without complaint. It’s old. Not cute.

-Don’t ask me to throw your crap away or get you something to drink or get you something. I’m not your slave nor your mother. Don’t throw a fit if I don’t either. You’re annoying, I don’t like you, get up, don’t be lazy, do it yourself.


-Stop reading my crap, using my stuff without permission, stop being a busy body.

If you just stopped doing everything that you do, then the world would be a better place. You’re so annoying all the time, even writing this makes me in a bad mood because you’re so OBNOXIOUS. I used to feel bad for talking badly about you, now it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t care because I loathe you that much.


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